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SARS-CoV-2 Research Reagents

3C-like Protease (3CLPro)

Inhibitor: PF-07321332

Protein: GST-3CLPro

Substrate: Dabcyl-KTSAVLQSGFRKME-Edans

Kit: 3CL Protease Activity Assay Kit

Papain-like Protease (PLPro)

Protein: PLPro (no tag)

Substrates: Dabcyl-FRLKGGAPIKGV-Edans,

Ub-AMC, Ub-rhodamine 110

Kit: PLPro Proteinase Activity Assay Kit 

Kit: PLPro Deubiquitinase Activity Assay Kit

Featured Products

TR-FRET Ubiquitination Assay Tools

Time-resolved FRET (TR-TRET) is widely used in drug discovery. A variety of TR-FRET based ubiquitination assays can be established for determination of 1) covalent modification of protein substrates or E1/E2/E3 themselves with ubiquitin, and 2) the formation of polyubiquitin chains. The following recombinant ubiquitin, tagged ubiquitin or fluorescent ubiquitin are useful for developing TR-FRET ubiquitination assays to discover inhibitors of E1/E2/E3 enzymes.

Ubiquitin, 6xHis-Ubiquitin, HA-Ubiquitin, N-teminal Biotin-UbiquitinFluorescein-UbiquitinCy5-Ubiquitin




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