Featured Products

1. 6xHis-TEV Protease

  • Highly active at 1 - 3% (w/w)
  • Easily removed using Ni-NTA resin
  • Stable during incubation and long-term storage

  • 2. Fluorescent K48 or K63-linked polyUb chains

  • Sensitive detection as low as 10 ng
  • In-gel visualization under  ~480 nm light
  • Useful for deubiquitination/Ub binding assays
  • News and Specials

    • Save up to 10% on high quality Agar, Peptone, Yeast extract, and LB Broth (Miller's), plus FREE ground shipping within the U.S. mainland. These products are also available from Fisher Scientific (searching UBPBio and product name).