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1. Rapid 26S proteasome purification Kit

  • Purification of endogenous 26S proteasome from cell or tissue lysates
  • Six-eight hours total purification procedure
  • Fluorogenic substrate for proteasome activity determination also included
  • 2. PolyUb Chains

  • DiUb for all major eight polyUb linkages
  • Longer polyUb chains on K11, K48 or K63 forms
  • Non-cleavalbe linear, K48 or K63 polyUb chains
  • 3. IPTG 

  • 99% purity; dioxane free
  • Validated high efficiency on protein induction
  • Guaranteed lowest market prices
  • News and Specials

  • Monthly Specials: July/August 2017
  • Save 20% on proteasome inhibitors: MG-132PS-341 (bortezomib), Ixazomib (MLN-2238), Carfilzomib (PR-171), epoxomicin and ONX-0941 (PR-957). Offer expires on Autust 31, 2017.