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1. Fluorogenic Caspase Substrates

  • Ac-IETD-AFC (Caspase-8/10)
  • Ac-LEHD-AFC (Caspase-9)
  • Ac-DEVD-AFC (Caspase-3/7)

  • 2. Caspase Activity Fluorometric Assay Kits

  • 250 assays for each kit
  • 96- or 384-well based format
  • Obtaining results in 2-4 hours
  • News and Specials

    • Save up to 10% on high quality Agar, Peptone, Yeast extract, and LB Broth (Miller's), plus FREE ground shipping within the U.S. mainland. These products are also available at Fisher Scientific (searching UBPBio and product name). 
    • Save up to 20% on all chemical inhibitors, including proteasome inhibitors, autophagy activators and inhibitors, apoptosis inhibitors and more.  Offer expires on Oct. 31, 2018.